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Remote Interpreting

An effective alternative of classic interpreting at which the speakers and/or some delegates are in the same place and only the interpreter in a different place or all involved people (speakers and/or listeners and interpreters) are in different places. There is an audio or an audio and video link between these places, which means that the interpreters don't have a view or don't have a direct view of the speaker(s) and/or listener(s) or rather of the meeting room. The transfer of the acoustic information can realized via phone, mobile etc. - if necessary by loudspeakers - and the transfer of the visual information via a camera system or rather webcam(s) on video screens or rather devices with such an equipment (computers, notebooks, smartphones etc.).

Communication platforms (e.g. TZIMAS.COM REMYVE) can under specific circumstances simplify the audio and video connection. To provide quality service the remote interpreters need to hear perfectly everything that is said and see the speakers and/or delegates as well the projection screens (if available) clearly, so they know the message has been understood.

This working method is because of faster tiredness and higher stress level only for a limited time, but it will enable you to avoid the extra cost of transport. You pay only for the duration of the conversation or rather interpretation - nothing else. Especially on sale conversations, negotiations, travel and scheduling conversations as well video conferences is remote interpreting the cost-effective and flexible solution for your successful communication.

Additionally, remote interpreters will be easier to procure in the event of urgent need than if they are required to turn out in person. In all interpreting types, including remote interpreting, our interpreters are committed to secrecy.

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