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TQM Certification

The ISO and DIN certifications alone are not enough e.g. to guarantee the translation quality. The same applies to all technologies produced by modern linguistic engineering - translation memory systems, machine translation systems or other computer-aided translation tools, especially as the translation of texts is not a standardized product. Translation will always be a fundamentally scientific human-aided - how could it be otherwise - but at the same time a "traditional" activity too. There will always be talk of the intercultural communication art of a good translation.

The TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP works according to the standards of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) to establish and organise the entire production and validation of multilingual services on behalf of the "glocal" offices - global and local at the same time -, wherever they may be in the world. These standards (TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM STANDARDS) include among other things the DIN EN 15038 and the ISO 9001 translation guidelines, but expanded by the group's standards.

Of course are the processes and tools as well as the presence in countries where the languages are spoken and cultures are lived important, but not exclusively. TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP is persuaded that if the offices aren't managed by translators and/or interpreters, who are delighted with the language and its subtleties, surely nobody can expect high quality. This direct involvement of translators and interpreters through TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP cancels at the same time any additional costs (middleman fee, etc.) - the middleman fees free communication applies both to offices and GROUP sale points, but the qualified management only to the offices.

Consequently, the competent translators and interpreters continue to be the most important element to ensure high quality and cost-effective translations. Their specialized language competence and subject- as well as culture-specific knowledge allow them to understand the processes well and to answer all the client's questions. Only translators and interpreters, who are directly involved in the above mentioned translation processes, can support the client to find solutions to problems concerning translation, updating, adaptation, data transmission, computer compatibility, last minute changes, etc.

Additionally, the translators and interpreters are the only part in the whole process which mediates at the same time beside languages also cultures ensuring the best possible communication between people or rather countries. They aren't call without reason intercultural communicators.

Each TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM office has to scrupulously adhere to all the rules of the TQM certification which guarantees to the markets that TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM operates according to the TQM rules. In addition, TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM hereby both declares and certifies - if necessary using the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Quality Seal by TQM too - that the group's translation orders are implemented in compliance with the provisions and procedures of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM STANDARDS for the translation industry. All of this for complete customer satisfaction.

If you want to read a partial short description of our group's rules you can download these by clicking here.

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