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Quality Seal

The TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Quality Seal certifies - if necessary - that the group's translation orders are (i) implemented in compliance with the provisions and procedures of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM STANDARDS by TQM for the translation industry and (ii) certified by a Dipl. Translator - but always followed by his/her fullname, contact details and signature.

The TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Quality Seal may not be copied and/or used without permission. The copy and/or use is permitted only to offices, which are members of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP.

In contrast to traditional LSPs, the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Offices are managed by professionally trained, fully qualified and native speaker translators and/or interpreters, who are delighted with the language and its subtleties, equipped with specialized language and subject- as well as culture-specific knowledge and directly involved in the translation process to guarantee high quality and middleman fees free translations.

The reason is simple: The competent translators and interpreters continue to be the most important part - beside the processes, the tools and the presence in countries where the languages are spoken and the cultures are lived - to ensure the best possible communication between people or rather countries.

Additionally, the translators and interpreters are the only part in the whole process which mediates at the same time beside languages also cultures. This ability is also the reason they call intercultural communicators.

The GROUP Sale Points, which are members of the GROUP's special partner program and provide solutions from the GROUP's business segment intercultural communication, won't manage - like the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Offices - by translators and/or interpreters and don't have the permission to copy and/or use the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM QUALITY SEAL by themselves.

The GROUP Sale Points with focus on multilingual communication, which are among other things financially supported by the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP, facilitate or rather support the offices to forward their quality and middleman fees free intercultural products and services to all and consequetly to the distinct segment of professionals and small scale enterprises too.

Why is that? Most LSPs focus on financial gain; At TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP the driving force behind all our efforts are people: - our customers.

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