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Quality Contract

A product that is founded on high quality can - on occasion - begin with a quality contract. The TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Quality Contract, which our offices use, protect the client from potential disasters or rather linguistic squabbles. It aims, above all, to establish a partnership in order to guarantee high quality both in multilingual texts and in their other publications. This means that all the elements of know-how and professional culture and, therefore, the premise of excellent delivery are always set out in the consequent contractualization.

The client must also sometimes scrupulously respect directives or constraints imposed by the state, by the internal procedures of its company or organization. In this case a written engagement regarding compliance to specific norms required by the client can - on occasion as well - add to the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Quality Contract.

TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP believes that making contractualization simple but complete is its duty. We use a TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM Quality Contract, which takes into account the wide range of our services, but which is set out in a modular way. This means that it allows for a large range of services and can, thanks to its modularity, be one or more pages long.

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