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Welcome Letter

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP's newly redesigned website. Our aim is to create an information site with the fresh new approach of the people at TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP, with a unique and functional design that will facilitate your visit. The site is at your disposal offering all relevant information related to the Group's products, services and activities.

TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP is persuaded that if we all want to encourage and improve the global communication cancelling at the same time any additional costs, we need translators and interpreters. They won't call without reason intercultural communicators.

With commercial labels recognized by millions, today TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP brings together quality and top multilingual solutions of communication in a dynamic unison.

Our development strategy aims at maintaining our leading position in Germany, taking advantage of the high rates of development in European, Balkan and Far Eastern markets and establishing our leadership in these regions. This we would like to achieve maintaining the recognized course of development, innovativeness and quality assurance that we have so faithfully followed.

Our quality assurance strategy allow us to adhere to basic principles we've established over the years, while still adapting to your specific project requirements. Working in real time across time zones, your intercultural communicators are directly involved and able to deliver success.

The ultimate objective is, of course, satisfied customers, employees, partners and friends.

Thank you.

General Manager

Dipl. Translator & Conference Interpreter
Dipl. Radiology Technologist (ESR, ESHI-MT, ISIORT)
Postgraduate Studies in Methodology & Didactics
Docent for Linguistics & Communication, Radiological Diagnostics & Radiation Technologies as well Law Analysis & Strategy

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