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About us GROUP or rather the business segment intercultural communication is a world-wide leading TQM certified multinational force in multilingual communication. In this field the company is represented in the market under the brand TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM with the aim to provide - with the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM offices worldwide - a full range of multilingual, high quality and cost-effective communication solutions to large and medium-sized companies from all lines of business, state bodies, organisations, advertising agencies, lawyers and privat customers. The business segment was founded in Hagen (North-West Germany) - where the head office still remains - by professionals in the fields of translation, interpreting, technology and science.

Since the business segment was launched it has enjoyed steady growth. Τhe company has achieved these growth dynamics with a well-developed personnel and business policy, a consistently high quality of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM services and a stable market position.

The excellent results of GROUP have enabled it to expand into other countries and increase the offices of the TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP by establishing additional offices in places where the languages are spoken and the cultures are lived.

TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP is persuaded that only professionally trained, fully qualified and native speaker translators and interpreters in cooperation with specialists in various fields (linguists, technologists, economists etc.) and the necessary technology can assure the high quality demanded by the european and international market. Using company personnel for this kind of work is a misuse of human resources, and almost always proves more costly than out-sourcing.

Only an organised professional language service can provide full support for major events, assure speed and confidentiality and process large volumes of material. TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM MSOC GROUP has as a well-organized business segment the qualified human resources, the know-how, the material and technical infrastructure and the trustworthy competence to undertake highly complex technical, medical technical and pharmaceutical translations extending to many thousands of pages.

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