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Personal Data GROUP is committed to the protection of the personal data of the user and/ or guest of the GROUP web site. GROUP respects the personal data. These data are used exclusively only by the employees of GROUP. GROUP uses the emails collected through our web site in order to respond to your requirements related to our professional services.

All information furnished to GROUP for professional services are treated as confidential information by GROUP.

You may visit our web site without being required to inform us as to who you are or to provide any personal information. However, in order for us to be able to provide you with more information regarding our services, we need your information such as your name, email address, postal address and your telephone (land line) number.

At any time that you desire you may request from us to delete your information from our electronic mail list. GROUP can be obligated only through legal channels to disclose the information for any user and/ or guest. However, should the information in question be disclosed by any third parties, GROUP will not be responsible. GROUP is not responsible for any loss or damage, or return of the data through Internet nodes or Servers.

The User and/ or Guest shall violate no proprietary or copyright or trademark/service mark or patent of GROUP or any other right of third party and shall not send (upload) any libelous, offensive or other illegal document to the Internet node in question.

The User and/ or Guest will compensate, indemnify and will release from any responsibility GROUP, its owners, managers, executives, vendors, employees, representatives, agents, internal and external associates, successors, beneficiaries, licensees for any damages irrespective of nature and every damage or other type of claim resulting from or related in any way whatsoever with the scope of the terms hereby and for those terms not included hereby.

The service mark of TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM is a service mark of GROUP. GROUP may review the trademarks/service marks, and it may even add new registered trademarks/service marks at any time. GROUP secures every right and with the reservation of any of its rights, which is not given hereby precisely.

In the case where, for the resolution of a dispute which may result during the use of GROUP and the chosen procedure is the legal one, competent will be the Courts of Hagen Westf. (Federal Republic of Germany) if permitted by law and the applicable law will be exclusively the German Law, excluding the International Sales Law.

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