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Associate: Terms - Procedures - Rules of Contact

Associate means translator, proofreader and translation agency

The ASSOCIATE undertakes to translate the projects/ assignments at his/ her own responsibility, delivers the finished project directly and within the prescribed time and renders properly the content of the projects/ assignments to the language that will be required of him/ her each time by GROUP and applies the instructions of GROUP. The ASSOCIATE cooperates and receives instructions, clarifications for the project only from GROUP and, provided that GROUP approves, then the ASSOCIATE can contact the Client. From the moment he/ she get his/ her Personal Number he/ she is an ASSOCIATE of GROUP and will enjoy all of the privileges of our network. The ASSOCIATE will be standby waiting for a job, will receive - if we get a job for him/ her - an SMS, e-mail or phone call from GROUP and must confirm the job immediately. The ASSOCIATE will not be able to withdraw arbitrarily from the network of GROUP should he/ she fail to notify GROUP two (2) months in advance of his/ her intention to withdraw from the network of GROUP. The reason for this is because GROUP has organized, promised and committed against its Clients for their immediate service. Such a case, i.e., withdrawal of its ASSOCIATES would mean bad publicity and profit losses for GROUP. The person withdrawing without any notice is responsible for damages. The contents of the projects/ jobs are absolutely confidential irrespective of whether the Client requires that or not. The ASSOCIATE must not notify to any third parties the contents of all the projects/ jobs. The ASSOCIATE issues an official receipt for services rendered to GROUP. The ASSOCIATE works exclusively and independently on a free lance basis in his/ her own space and is not connected by any other labour or other form of subordinate relationship with GROUP.

The ASSOCIATE, once he/ she reviews the style and guise of each project/ job he/ she then accepts to undertake the projects/ jobs for completion. The projects/ jobs must not be of abusive, offensive, libellous or any indecent content for people, tangible - intangible goods or even intellectual goods as well. Should the ASSOCIATE finds that the content of the projects/ jobs is not decent and it is of abusive, offensive, libellous or any indecent contents for people, tangible - intangible goods or even intellectual goods as well, then the ASSOCIATE does not undertake the translation unless he/ she gets approval by GROUP.

The ASSOCIATE complies with the provisions of the German law and in the case that the ASSOCIATE operates in a country except Germany, then he/ she complies with and applies the laws of that state.

The ASSOCIATE shall issue a validated voucher for services provided or a service invoice to GROUP. Neglecting to provide all the information on your Invoice will result in payment delays.

We need all the following information. Please, include all the following necessary information in your Invoice. - My Invoice is issued in accordance with the requirements of my County Laws and the form specified by the associate's (translator) county legislation - Supplier number - Invoice number - Date - Full name - Street address or nearest intersection - City - State/Province/Territory - Zip/Postal Code - Country - Telephone number - Fax number - e-mail - URL (today) - Tax Payer Identification Number - Tax residence - Services provided - Job reference number (ID) (provided by GROUP) - Full description of the Job - Source/target languages - Number of source words x Rate (per word in Euros) - You should STAMP and sign your Invoice

Please, include also our details (see in the ''imprint'' sections of our web pages): - Company name - Full name of General Manager - Street address - City - Zip/Postal Code - Country - Telephone number - Fax number - e-mail - URL - Tax Payer Identification Number

Please invoice within 12 days of completion of your project. Send your Invoice by mail and/or via fax to: see in the ''contact'' sections of our web pages (all these depend on the office you work for). Then GROUP will pay within 45 days after the receipt of your invoice. We pay according to when the invoice is received and approved by the Project Manager or rather the GROUP team.

We will send the payment via: see in the ''payment options'' sections of our web pages. This will be done free of charge for payments over 1 500.00-3 000.00 euros and for payments under 1 500.00-3 000.00 euros, the fee will be deducted from the payment (all these depend on the office you work for). Please notify the responsible accounting department.

The capacity of ASSOCIATE of GROUP cannot be transferred to any other physical or legal entity, nor can it be inherited.

The information such as head office address refer only to the permanent activity of the applicant and in the case of change of his/ her address. GROUP must be immediately notified in writing at the care of the ASSOCIATE. Also, the ASSOCIATE must notify his/ her full information such as IRS Branch, Taxpayer Code Number, Telephone/ Facsimile number, email and any other useful information that can be of interest to GROUP. GROUP uses this information to maintain a record and for their processing in order to Contact the transaction relationship with the ASSOCIATE. In the case of change of any information, the ASSOCIATE must inform immediately and at his/ her care GROUP.

Every ASSOCIATE with GROUP, following their registration (sign the customer protection agreement and get his/her Personal Number) will acquire the capacity of ASSOCIATE. This also applies for the ASSOCIATE who offers their services to GROUP besides translation, whom however, GROUP uses to cover its needs such as: Interpretings, Revising - Proofreading, Intercultural Adaptation & Printing, Localization, Transfer of archives.

In order for a physical entity to be eligible to become an ASSOCIATE of GROUP they must: a) Be over 18 years old in order to be able to proceed with any legal action; b) Refrain from attributing themselves the capacity of partner of GROUP in any of their transactions or associations; c) Be nominated to GROUP by a previous active ASSOCIATE of GROUP; d) Complete and sign the relevant customer protection agreement; e) Their ASSOCIATE Personal Number; f) Have their application approved by GROUP; g) Not require any special privileges or treatment. All of the ASSOCIATES of GROUP have exactly the same rights and obligations. With regard to the ASSOCIATES, race, religion, political or social beliefs or other genetic or social feature(s) are not allowed criteria for supremacy or discrimination; h) Avoid creating confusion, voluntarily or involuntarily, to other people, ASSOCIATES or not, in order to cause them to consider GROUP with other organizations, clubs, groups etc., of religious, political, social or sports nature. i) It is prohibited to all the ASSOCIATES to use or to reproduce the names, logos and trademarks/service marks of GROUP without the written consent of GROUP; GROUP serves its inalienable right to terminate its cooperation by removing the capacity of ASSOCIATE from any ASSOCIATE, and in particular, when: a) They violate or breach the terms and procedures as these are outlined hereby and in the customer protection agreement. b) They cause problems in the network of GROUP, the other ASSOCIATES and take initiatives without the written permission of GROUP. c) They state false data involving clients or their person. d) Signs on behalf of GROUP and others without the prior written authorization and written permission by GROUP. e) They violate or breach the provisions of the criminal code, commit punishable acts and generally is controlled for illegal actions. f) Disturbs their relationship with GROUP and compromises the company in the market. The ASSOCIATE has read carefully the General Terms of Business and accepts the document hereby.

Any change of the terms hereby can be made only in writing. Any verbal agreement and announcement is considered as non existing.

The ASSOCIATE agrees and accepts the Terms - Procedures - Rules of Contact, as well as anything referred to in the customer protection agreement.

The service mark of TRANSLATIONS-INTERPRETINGS.COM is a service mark of GROUP. GROUP may review the trademarks/service marks, and it may even add new registered trademarks/service marks at any time. GROUP secures every right and with the reservation of any of its rights, which is not given hereby precisely.

In the case where, for the resolution of a dispute which may result during the use of GROUP and the chosen procedure is the legal one, competent will be the Courts of Hagen Westf. (Federal Republic of Germany) if permitted by law and the applicable law will be exclusively the German Law, excluding the International Sales Law.

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